Pressure bearing cast steel Casting characteristics and main product

Major Product:

The main products of pressure bearing cast steel castings are:

Pump and valve parts: pump body/housing, valve body/housing, valve cover/cap and so on;

Water turbine parts: turbine runner, upper crown, lower crown, upper ring, lower ring, blade and so on;

Nonferrous smelting industry parts:  heat-resistant flue pipe, spray nozzle, elbow, pressure grate plate and so on;

Chemical industry parts: pressure vessel;

Boiler industry parts: Valves, flanges, pumps, pipes and so on;

Product Detail

Product Tags

Pressure-bearing Cast Steel Specific Parameters

The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

GB/T16253 ISO/4991 ASTM A487 UNS DIN BS1504 JISG5151 NF A32-055 ГОСТ
ZG240-450B C23-45B WCC J02503 GS-21Mn5 1.1138GS-C25 1.0619 GP240GH SCPH1 A420CP-M 20ГЛ
ZG280-520 C26-52 WCB J03101 GS20Mn51.1120 GP280GH SCPH2 A480CP-M 20ГCЛ
ZG19MoG C28H WC1 J05000 GS-22Mo41.5419 G20Mo5 SCPH11 20D5-M ——
ZG15Cr1MoG C32H WC6 J05002 GS-17CrMo5 51.7357 G17CrMo5-5 SCPH21 15CD5.05-M 14X21MPЛ
ZG12Cr2Mo1G C34AH WC9 J02501 GS-18CrMo9 101.7379 G17CrMo9-10 SCPH32 15CD9.10-M ——
ZG03Cr18Ni10 C46 CF3 J92500 —— GX2CrNi19-11 —— Z2CN18.10-M ——
ZG07Cr20Ni10 C47 CF8 J92600 G-X6CrNi18 91.4308 GX5CrNi19-10 SCS13 Z6CN18.10-M 07X18H9Л
ZG07Cr19Ni11Mo3 C61 CF8M J92900 G-X6CrNiMo18 101.4408 GX5CrNiMo19-11-2 SCS14A Z6CND18.12-M

Process Parameters

Produce Process Casting Tolerance Weight Range
Sand Castings CT10 – CT13 50KGS – 10000KGS
Precision Casting CT7 – CT9 0.01KGS – 30KGS
Hard Precision Shell Casting CT8 – CT10 5KGS – 1000KGS

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