Air springs have a lot going for them

Air springs have a lot going for them. They’re easily and precisely adjustable, the spring itself weighs as much as air, and they’re intrinsically progressive, which means better bottom-out control. It’s because of all these reasons—but especially the first one—that air has dominated the suspension market for the past couple decades.

But coils come with bragging rights of their own, the major one being that they require very little breakaway force, yielding super-sensitive reactions to small bumps. And while coils can get beat up over time, they remain much more consistent than air springs, which need to be routinely checked and topped off. Coils also perform the same regardless of temperature, and while the service intervals for coil forks are generally similar to those on an air forks, there’s less to do since there’s no air spring to rebuild.

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Post time: Jun-17-2020