Heat resistant stainless steel Casting characteristics and main product

Major Product:

The main products of heat resistant stainless steel are

Non-ferrous metal metallurgy industry parts: pallet, salver, bracket, support etc.

Alumina high temperature furnace kiln parts: kiln mouth protective brick, central tube, flue pipe, air hose, spray nozzle, muzzle, fire bar, fire-grate bar, furnace grate etc.

Cement industry parts: grid plate, liner bushing, hammer etc.

Other industry parts: electric power industry parts; mining parts etc.

Product Detail

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Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Specific Parameters

The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

GB8492 ISO/11973 ASTM A297 NF A32-057 DIN17465 BS3100 part4 JIS5122 UNS ГОСТ
ZG35Cr24Ni7 SiN GX40CrNiSi 22-10 HE29Cr-9Ni Z25CN25.10 M GX25CrNiSi18- 9(1.4825) 302C35 SCH12
ZG30Cr26Ni5 GX40CrNiSi 27-4 HD28Cr-5Ni Z30CN26.05 M GX40CrNiSi27- 4(1.4823) 309C30 SCH11
ZG35Cr26NI12 GX40CrNiSi 25-12 HH25Cr-12Ni Z40CN25.12 M GX40CrNiSi25- 12(1.4837) 309C35 SCH13A
ZG1Cr25Ni20Si2 HK-30 GX15CrNiSi2520(1.4840) SCH21 J94203 15X23H18
ZG40Cr25Ni2 0 GX40CrNiSi 25-20 HK25Cr-20Ni Z40CN25.20 M GX40CrNiSi25- 20(1.4848) 310C40310C45 SCH22 J94224
ZG40Cr25Ni35Si2 HP G-X45CrNiSi35 25(1.4857) SCH24 J95705

Process Parameters

Produce Process Casting Tolerance Weight Range
Sand Castings CT10 – CT13 10KGS – 5000KGS
Precision Casting CT7 – CT9 0.01KGS – 30KGS
The material include high chromium steel, high chromium nickel steel and high nickel chromium steel.Heat-resistant steel and stainless acid-resistant steel cross each other in the range of use, some stainless steel has the characteristics of heat-resistant steel, can be used as stainless acid-resistant steel, but also as heat-resistant steel.

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