Free forging Casting characteristics and main product

Major Product:

The main products of hammer forgings / open die forgings / free forgings are:

Heavy-duty metallurgical parts: forging shafts, rings, wheels and so on;

Power (generating) machine parts: gear, magnetic disk and so on;

Locomotive parts: Crankshaft and so on;

Product Detail

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Free Forgings Specific Parameter 

MaterialMainly carbon steel and alloy steel, followed by aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium and their alloys.
GB(JB4726/ JB4728) ASTM DIN17200 JIS G2201 /G4051/ G3202
20 A105/ A181-Ⅰ C22 (1.0402)K22 (101151) Rst37-2(1.0427) SF24    S20C
25 A181-Ⅰ/A266-Ⅰ   SF40  S25C
35 A181-Ⅱ/266-Ⅱ A105 C35  (1.0501) CK35 (1.1181) SF45   S35C  SFVC2A
45 A266-Ⅲ C45 (1.0503)  CK45 (1.1191) SF50   S45C  
16Mn Gr 4( SA266) Gr 1A (SA508, SA541)   SFVC2B (G3202)
35CrMo AISI-E4135  34CrMo4 (1.1200) DIN17200 SFCM3 (G2221)
15CrMo F12 (SA182/SA336) 13CrMo44 (1.7355) DIN17175 SFHV22B  (JIS G3213)
12CrMoV A182-F11/ A336-F11   SFHV23B  (JIS G3213)
Select the corresponding materials and production process based on the drawings and material requirements provided by the customer.
Forming method Direct pressure on the raw material to make the material deform and obtain the desired geometric shape.
Process   Upsetting, drawing, punching 
Tolerance Low dimensional accuracy and large machining allowance
Weight   Large parts above 50kg.   
Surface quality Surface of forging is rough.
Product Structure Suitable for heavy forgings with simple shape and small batch, no pattern die is required.
Applicable products and industriesProducts are widely used in heavy metallurgy industry, power machinery, mining machinery, locomotive manufacturing and other industriesProducts such as:1.Forging shaft, ring, etc;
2.Forgings such as gears and disks; 
3.Crankshafts, etc;

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