Ductile iron Casting characteristics and main product

Major Product:

The main products of ductile/ spheroidal graphite cast iron casting are:

Construction machinery parts: winch box, gearbox and so on;

Metallurgical parts: ingot mould, slag tank and so on;

Crane parts: gears wheel, crane wheels and so on;

Pump/ valve industry parts: pump body, base frame, medium and low pressure valve body, valve cap and so on;

Hydraulic press machine parts: elbow, valve body, bonnet, three – way, four – way, cylinder, pump head and so on;

Hydraulic cylinder parts: connecting head, top seat, base, piston, shell, diesel cylinder housing, gasoline cylinder housing, diesel cylinder head, clamp body and so on.

Automobile parts: steering knuckle, triangular arm, rear swing arm, driving bridge body, steering axle, wheel hub, steering wheel hub, brake hub, rotor magnetic pole, brake base plate, bracket, balance shaft bracket, leaf spring seat, crankshaft, steering gear and so on;

Polishing machine parts: grinding disk, inner gear ring seat, connecting ring, lower disc seat and so on;

Power industry parts: mill frame, roller core, end cover, permeable cover, seal cover, grinding disk, tray, hub, base, rotary support, gear box body, torque arm, planet carrier, bearing seat, motor casing and so on;

Product Detail

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Ductile Iron Castings Specific Parameter

The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

GB/T 1348 ISO 1083 ASTMA536 EN1563  DIN1693 BS2789 JISG5502 ΓOCT7293
QT800-2 800-2 —— EN-GJS-800-2 GGG80 800/2 FCD800 BЧ80
QT700-2 700-2 100-70-03 EN-GJS-700-2 GGG70 700/2 FCD700 BЧ70
QT600-3 600-2   EN-GJS-600-3 GGG60 600/3 FCD600 BЧ60
QT500-7 500-7 80-55-06 EN-GJS-500-7 GGG50 500/7 FCD500-7 BЧ50
QT450-10 450-10 65-45-12 EN-GJS-450-10   450/10 FCD400-10 BЧ45
QT400-15 400-15   EN-GJS-400-15     FCD400-15 BЧ40
QT400-18  QT400-18L 400-18 60-40-18 EN-GJS-400-18-LTEN-GJS-400-18RT GGG40 400/18 FCD400-18FCD400-18L  
QT350-22  QT350-22L 350-22 —— EN-GJS-350-22-LTEN-GJS-350-22-RT     FCD350-22FCD350-22L BЧ35

Process Parameters

Produce Process  Casting Tolerance  Weight Range
Clay sand castings  CT9 – CT11 5KGS – 200KGS
Resin sand castings CT10 – CT12 50KGS – 50000KGS
Hard Precision Shell Casting  CT8 – CT10 50KGS – 1000KGS

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