Carbon & Welded structural cast steel Casting characteristics and main product

Major Product:

The main products of Carbon and welding structure steel casting are:

Crusher industry parts: base frame, base, wedge plate, bonnet, body, front-axle beam, back-axle beam and so on;

Steel structure of large hall and field building: different type shape and size nodes;

Pump / valve parts: pump body/housing, valve body/housing, valve core, valve cover/cap, valve plate, impeller and so on;

Mine parts: locomotive wheel, wheel rim, flange, cross beam, gearbox case, bearing seat, transmission shaft and so on;

Locomotive parts: motor pressure ring, traction pedestal, shaft box case /housing, end cover, support frame and so on;

Rail transit parts: gearbox/housing, traction seat, shaft box body, locomotive bogie and so on;

High-speed locomotive parts: Stator ring, hanging bar plate, standard hanging and so on;

Product Detail

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Carbon Steel and Welded Structural Steel Castings Specific Parameter

The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

Carbon Steel Material

GB5676GB11352 ISO/3755 ASTM A27/A27M NFA32-054 DIN1681 BS3100 JISG5101 ΓOCT977
ZG200-400 200-400 Grade60-30415-205   GS-381.0416   SC360SC410 15Л
ZG230-450 230-450 Grade65-35450-240 GE230 GS-451.0446 A1 SC450 20Л,25Л
ZG270-500 270-480 Grade70-36Grade70-40485-275 GE280 GS-521.0552 A2 SC480 30Л
ZG310-570   Grade80-40 GE320 GS-601.0558 A3 SCC5 35Л,40Л
ZG340-640 340-550   GE370   A5   45Л

Welded Structural Steel Material

GB/T7659 ISO/3755 ASTM A216   DIN17182   JISG5102  
ZG200-400H 200-400W WCA       SCW410  
ZG230-450H 230-450W WCB   GS-16Mn5   SCW450  
ZG270-485H 270-480W WCC   GS-20Mn5   SCW480  

Process Parameters

Produce Process Casting Tolerance Weight Range
Sand Castings CT10 – CT13 50KGS – 10000KGS
Precision Casting CT7 – CT9 0.01KGS – 30KGS
Hard Precision Shell Casting CT8 – CT10 5KGS – 1000KGS

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