Alloy cast steel Casting characteristics and main product

Major Product:

The main products of Carbon and welding structure steel casting are:

Crusher parts: crush cone, crush bowl, bonnet, wedge plate and so on;

Thermal power industry parts: moving ring, stationary ring, planet carrier and gear box and so on;

Wind power parts: gearbox, planet carrier and so on;

Crane and mine machine parts: locomotive wheel, wheel rim, crane wheel and so on;

Petrochemical parts: cylinders, thrust bearings, steering guide vane rings, rotating worktables, hires and so on;

Machinery equipment parts: gears, all kinds of machine and equipment parts;

Hydraulic turbine parts: runner, column, cross beam and so on;

Product Detail

Product Tags

Alloy Steel Castings Specific Parameter

The material grade of vary standard which we can produce

GB/T14408JB/T6402 ASTMA148/ A487 NFA32-054 DIN17182 JIS/G5111 ΓOCT 977
ZGD270-480 70-40     SCC3 20ΓЛ
ZGD290-510 80-40     SCC5 35ΓЛ
ZGD345-570 80-50     SCMn1 20ΓCЛ
ZGD410-620 90-60   SCMn2 30ΓCЛ
ZGD535-720 105-85     SCMn3 32X06Л
ZG20Mn 1A; 1B G20Mn6 GS24Mn6 SCSiMn2 40XЛ
ZG30Mn 2A2B2C G30Mn6 GS30Mn5 SCMnCr2 20XMØЛ
ZG40Mn2 4A4C; G15CrMoV6 GS40Mn5   1.1168 SCMn3 35XMЛ
ZG50Mn2 6A6B     SCMnCr3 35 XTCЛ
ZG20Mn ZG20SiMn) 7A  LCC G20M6 GS-20Mn5  1.1120 SCW480 30ΓCЛ
ZG35Mn(ZG35SiMn) 8A8B8C   GS-37MnSi5 1.5122 SCCrM3/SCSiMn2 35ΓCЛ
ZG35SiMnMo 9A   GS40CrMnMo7 SCMnCrM2  
ZG20MnMo 10A   GS17CrMnMo5 5 SCMnCrM3  
ZG40Cr1 11A   GS20MnCr5 SCNCrM2 40 XЛ
ZG34Cr2Ni2Mo 12A G35NiCrMo6 GS-34CrNimo6 SCNCrM2 30XHMЛ
ZG20CrMo   G25CrMo4 GS26CrMo4 SCCrM 1  
ZG35CrMo   G35CrMo4 GS34CrMo4 1.7220 SCCrM3 35XMЛ
ZG42Cr1Mo   G42CrMo4 GS48CrMoV67    
ZG28NiCrMo   G30NiCrMo14 GS-22NiMoCr5 6    
ZG30NiCrMo   G30NiCrMo8 GS33NiCrMo7 4 4    

Process Parameters

Produce Process Casting Tolerance Weight Range
Sand Castings CT10 – CT13 50KGS – 10000KGS
Precision Casting  CT7 – CT9 0.01KGS – 30KGS
Hard Precision Shell Casting CT8 – CT10 5KGS – 1000KGS

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